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5 best cryptos of May: how to earn when everything falls


Bytecoin – increase in the price of 62%

The champion of the month was the cryptocurrency, sharpened for anonymity of transactions. Users love it for the fact that payments with Bytecoin, unlike Bitcoin, cannot be tracked.


The coin rate in May increased from $ 0.0055 to $ 0.008947. The leading position in TOP-5 best coins was provided by only one event: on May 8, the second largest crypto exchange Binance added it to the list. After that, traders rushed to buy Bytecoin hurriedly, and in just a day the coin soared to a fantastic 344%, reaching the mark of 0.030134. But soon after this, the BCN returned to the general system and gradually crept down along with the whole market.

Zilliqa – increase in the price of 40%

This token serves the platform that is similar in design and functionality to Ethereum. On its basis, you can also create applications with smart contracts, and the main advantage of the network in comparison with the original is a successful solution to the problem of limited bandwidth, according to the developers.


May for Zilliqa started at $ 0.101 and on the second day of the month grew by 20% per day. Acceleration to the coin was given by the announcement of listing on the Korean platform Gopax, which provided Zilliqa access to the market of South Korea. Another good news for this cryptocurrency was the start of trading on the crypto-exchange OKEx. From May 8 to 10, the coin added 58%, but on this happiness ended, and the rest of the month Zilliqa fell like an autumn leaf.

Decred – increase in the price of 39%

Only 1% made this coin not to catch up with Zilliqa, but there is one important detail here. If our number 2 in the May ranking of profitable coins grew due to news about listing on crypto-exchanges, Decred managed to stay in green without the magic “kicks” from OKEx and Gopax.


That is, the cryptocurrency without significant surges went up during the whole month even when almost all the competitors fell into a deep depression. In early May, the coin could be bought for $ 84.13, and by the end of the period under review the exchange rate had reached $ 116.8. The developers explain the success of the coin by an innovative model of voting. With its help, members of the Decred network manage the rules by which the cryptocurrency lives. Moreover, everyone has access to the decision-making system, and not just miners, as in the case of Bitcoin.

Zcash – increase in the price of 15%

This is another cryptocurrency with increased confidentiality in our rating of “die-hards” of May. From Bytecoin this coin is distinguished by the ability to make transactions both anonymously and openly at the user’s choice.


You will be surprised, but the gains of Zcash were provided by with crypto exchange as well. This time, the heroic rescuer of the drowning was the adjustable American Winklevoss twins’ platform Gemini. Adding the crypto currency to the listing of this exchange allowed the coin to jump by 40% in a couple of days. The coin holders were celebrating the success from May 14 to 16, and on the 17th Zcash lost 16% of its price. In the end, opening the month at $ 285.43, the coin meets the summer at $ 329.47.

Ethereum – increase in the price of 4%

Strictly speaking, this is difficult to call a growth. It’s more correct to say: Ethereum has retained its position, despite the general decline. It is noteworthy that the second after bitcoin was the only one of the TOP-10 cryptocurrency, which managed to not go into negative in May. Stellar lost 33%, EOS – 30%, Ripple sank by 23%, and the remaining leaders of cryptocurrencies fell by 10-15%.


On this sad background, the Ethereum, even with its modest 4% gain, looks quite decent. In addition, it wiped the nose of Bitcoin again, because the “cryptocurrency grandfather” dropped almost 10% of the price for the month.


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