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Bitfinex began collaboration with Puerto Rico


Bloomberg shared information that the Bitfinex Exchange has started cooperation with a bank in Puerto Rico. If you believe the publication, the exchange has billed accounts in Noble Bank International, which plays the role of a correspondent bank of the Bank of New York Mellon.

Extracts from old news

Back in March of this year, the BitMex report mentioned possible partnerships with a bank based in Puerto Rico. In addition, it also said that Noble Bank International is a bank partner of Tether.

How the growth of cryptocurrencies influenced banks

In the above-mentioned document it is noted that, according to the aggregate financial data in 2017, financial institutions from Puerto Rico drew attention to a noticeably increased amount of cash deposits, which correlated with the increase in Tether emissions and the growth of cryptocurrency as a whole.

One source of the publication explained that Noble Bank International “for” this increase. For the year, the bank’s cash deposits from $ 191 million increased to $ 3.3 billion.

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