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Litecoin became compatible with the Blocknet protocol


The process of exchanging the cryptocurrency has become simpler, sellers can now accept for payment money and other types of tokens: they will be instantly converted to Litecoin.

The sixth on the capitalization of the Litecoin cryptocurrency became compatible with the Blocknet protocol, reports EthereumWorldNews. The system allows investors and users to exchange digital money without the involving of a third party. Any seller who accepts altcoin for payment, now, upon receipt of the fiat or other cryptocurrencies, can instantly convert them to Litecoin.

The buyer and seller do not need to monitor the transaction, it passes immediately. The process is released at the same time atomic swaps – this is a special system that allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

The desire to add Litecoin to the Gemini site was previously announced by the brothers Winklevoss. They said they would conduct listing of the altcoin and Bitcoin Cash before the end of the year. The exchange was one of the first to adopt all banking norms and standards in the industry.

At the moment there is no official information about when the coins will be available for trade. On Monday, Gemini began listing anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash, then the coin per hour rose sharply by almost 40%, to $ 350.

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