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Danny Masters, CoinShares: bitcoin will rise to a mark in $ 20 000 again


The head of the company that conducts research and produces investment products for the cryptocurrency market is confident that the price of the coin will reach a historic maximum again, but there must be several important changes done for this.

The financial system includes derivatives, indexes, valuation models, and so on, and the crypto-currency market is just beginning to develop, says Danny Masters, co-founder of CoinShares. He told about this in an interview with CNBC. The head of the research company, which produces investment products for the digital money market, is confident that bitcoin will rise in price to $ 20,000.

The expert noted that to further increase the price of the coin it is important that its structure continues to be built so that new solutions for storing digital money and other innovations in this area appear.

“It is important that storage solutions continue to appear and be provided. We need indices, we need performance tools that would allow us to understand what we are talking about and quantify indicators. We need to do more thorough work in the ICO area, provide investors with clarity, higher expectations, and transparency, “Masters said.

He stressed that three years ago interest in the digital money market was insignificant, but the situation is changing rapidly, which is confirmed by almost 8,000 visitors to the Consensus conference. Nevertheless, the head of CoinShares noted that bitcoin is still in the early stages of development.

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