Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Bitfinex helps tax specialists to disclose fraudsters


In an attempt to find out information about the tax residency of certain users, Bitfinex began sending out letters to the addresses in the database asking for relevant data.
According to the requirements of the law of the British Virgin Islands, in the territory of which an exchange is registered, Bitfinex users who are of interest to the tax service will be required to provide answers to a number of questions about residency sent to them. When filling out, those who receive letters will be guided by FATCA or CR standards.
The exchange itself does not deny the formation of this kind of newsletter, but its representatives add that it is not directed to all registered accounts. Twitter users have already started an active discussion, the reason for which was the publication of their letter from one of the Bitfinex users. Each recipient, according to the requirements, must send the data within a period of up to seven days.

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