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French Finance Minister Is Bullish on Cryptos and Blockchain


The cryptocurrency and blockchain Industry continues to expand in exciting ways, and many countries are looking forward to tapping into the many potential benefits it offers.

In a recent development, the French Finance Minister,  Bruno Le Maire, announced that he is engulfed with an undying passion and support for cryptos and the blockchain technology, and it would be a pleasure for him to spearhead the movement of blockchain revolution in Europe.

“I was a neophyte a year ago, but now I’ve become passionate. But it took me a year. Let us demonstrate pedagogy with our fellow citizens to make France the first place of innovation Blockchain/Cryptos in the EU ” @BrunoLeMaire this morning. It is happening!” Alex said on Twitter.

One notable part of this development is that some months ago, Le Maire and the German Finance minister, Peter Altmaier, and others had planned to see that unfavorable actions are taken to mitigate the growth of the crypto industry.

He expressed how he feels towards cryptos during a meeting with Alex Stachtchenko, co-founder of French Start-up Blockchain Partner, and they further discuss some major challenges that pose a threat to the adoption of cryptos and blockchain.

According to local reports, Le Maire made it known that he aims to manage ICOs within the country.

“It is necessary to professionalize the ICOs and their evaluation, whether by independent rating agencies, the AMF label, or other methods, in order to promote the adoption of the general public in a sustainable and secure way,” the minister said.

The minister also talked about the issue of using the same taxation policies for precious metals on digital currencies, stating that it is not favorable. Instead, he proposed using crypto exchange for taxation on cryptocurrencies.

The French finance minister wishes to deliberate on all crypto-related issues to ensure that all impediments are erased before July and September.

This is good news for France and the crypto space at large. The soon-to-be adoption of cryptocurrency in the European country signifies that the crypto industry is expanding tremendously.

“You have with me a total and determined support to change things,” Le Maire, the French Minister of Finance concluded.

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