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Binance launches TrueUSD trading


One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance will add “stable” tokens TrueUSD (TUSD) to the listing on May 18. This is stated in the company’s official Twitter.


  • TrustToken is perhaps the only cryptocurrency that offers such flexibility in dealing with real assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Any user can issue a cryptocurrency based on any value, thereby gaining the ability to split the rights to this property and provide customers insurance and audit.
  • According to representatives of TrustToken, bank accounts with the corresponding dollar reserves are regularly audited.

It is noted that trades with new coins will be available in pairs with BTC, ETH, and BNB. TrueUSD cryptocurrency is created by the TrustToken platform. According to the developers, the coin is linked to the rate of the US dollar, it is fully provided for by it, and bank accounts with the corresponding fiat reserves are regularly audited.

Recall that in early May, the stock exchange added a new trading pair – Ripple with Tether.

Also, trades in the TrueUSD tokens paired with bitcoin became available on the Bittrex exchange.

Binance for a long time was ranked first in the daily trading volume of cryptocurrency. However, recently it fell to the second place, losing to the leadership of OKEx – 2.2 billion dollars against 1.8 billion dollars.

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