Thursday, June 1, 2023
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LG has launched a blockchain platform Monachain


A subsidiary company LG, working in the direction of information technology, introduced a new service based on the blockchain.
The LG CNS Monachain platform is designed to improve supply in the manufacturing, financial and communication fields of business. The system provides electronic authentication, offers its own cryptocurrency and logistics management tools.
The service provides the ability to use a decentralized identifier, with which you can conduct online payments using digital devices. Additionally, users can create an individual crypto wallet.
A representative of LG CNS says that with the help of Monachain, the company strives to help the business create a more efficient production management system. A year ago, the company joined the R3 blockchain consortium, which includes more than 20 well-known companies.
Recall that Facebook started to explore the possibilities of the blockchain.

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