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Goldman Sachs VP leaves Wall Street to hunt for crypto fortune


Goldman Sachs, a famous multinational investment bank lost one of its youngest talents to digital currencies. Chris Matta, 28, resigned just two days after he was promoted to the position of vice president so that he could pick up a crypto portfolio.

Despite working hard for six years at Goldman Sachs, Matta had a goal which he desperately needed to pursue. He saw how the value of bitcoin and the altcoins soared to the moon in 2017, and it propelled him and his co-founders, Ali Hassan and Michael Kazley, into creating a cryptocurrency investment vehicle.

Matta believes he took a calculated risk.

“It’s safe to say, you leave a good amount of money on the table walking away from Goldman. But I saw it as a calculated risk. They called in the CEO of my organization, and he said, basically, ‘Are you crazy? Do you realize the risk you are taking here? You are giving up on your bonus!” he explained to CNBC.

Millennials love Cryptocurrencies

Many investors have made fortunes as the crypto markets maintained a bullish momentum over the last year, and more investors are diving into the crypto-space.

It is undoubtedly true that millennials love cryptocurrencies, and some would even give up their well-established career just to hunt for crypto riches.

In the past, young and talented men flooded Wall Street in their quest for riches, but today, that’s no more the case. Matta’s bold step has revealed just how much young talents would sacrifice to get a ticket into the world of cryptocurrencies.

While Matta won’t be getting a yearly bonus, he doesn’t regret his decisions. He believes cryptocurrencies and the blockchain would transform the financial industry in great ways.

Matta explained to CNBC: “In the crypto world, every month is like a year in the equities space. The number of things that would change in that time, the number of funds that would come to market, it would just be a much more difficult landscape for us if we were trying to get things up and running in February.”

“I don’t regret it at all. It’s been the most exciting few months of my life, honestly,” he added.

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