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Stay away from Electrum Pro


Bitcoin wallets are an integral tool in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, not all wallets are created equally safe. The Electrum Pro wallet has nothing to do with the official Electrum wallet, and it seems that he can steal keys from seed keys from users.

Beware of Electrum Pro
In the world of cryptocurrency, imitation initiatives are not something new under the sun. Whether they are phishing platforms or malicious Bitcoin wallets, potential security threats will continue to appear for quite some time. For example, the Electrum Pro wallet is an interesting creation.

Despite the similarity of names, Electrum Pro has nothing to do with the famous wallet Electrum. Developers of Electrum took the time to point out the imitator through GitHub.

As one would expect from a malicious cryptocurrency wallet, such as this one, Electrum Pro not only uses the brand name Electrum without permission, but its code is also set up so that it can steal the keys of seed keys from Bitcoin wallets.

Using the seed keys, the created Bitcoin wallet can be imported into other software, and the funds can be moved without the permission of the actual owner. Despite the fact that it is not yet known whether any theft has already happened, the Electrum team wants, first of all, to protect bitcoin enthusiasts from potential harm.

Binary files for both versions of Electrum Pro – Windows and macOS – contain the code needed to steal seed keys from unsuspecting users. Electrum team for a long time suspected that this purse was created maliciously.

Currently, it is recommended that Bitcoin users remain extremely cautious when working with copies for wallets that they do not know. Although competition in this area is only welcomed, there is no reason to put seed keys at risk. It is recommended that you transfer your funds from Electrum Pro to another wallet so that you will not regret losing your cryptocurrency.

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