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Mt.Gox wallet has another 8200 bitcoins withdrawn


The head of the Board of Trustees of the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi allegedly transferred from its address 8,200 bitcoins. This is reported by the publication of [[blokt]] (https://blokt.com/news/mt-gox-cold-wallet-moves-8200-btc-will-bitcoin-dump).

Transactions amounting to 8,214,970,884 BTC ($ 70.6 million at the rate at the time of withdrawal) were received at the address 1LncfoCX1yzuiW3hzejarvgZ1WahnAQ4o4. The publication gives a screenshot in which information about this is displayed.

Mt.Gox wallet has another 8200 bitcoins withdrawn - Coinatory

Users of social networks expressed dissatisfaction with such actions, which, in their opinion, lead to significant jumps in the rate of the first cryptocurrency.

“Please, someone, tell drunk trustee Mt. Gox that he stopped using crypto-exchange exchanges and went to the OTC market,” the cryptoanalyst and journalist Joseph Young expressed his indignation.

Earlier this year, on April 26, Mt. Gox wallets had 16 000 BTC and 16 000 BCH withdrawn.

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