Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Beer for cryptocurrency?


Blockchain-startup Civic wants to release an analog of a vending machine with beer, which will be able to accept digital currencies for payment. The first machine will be presented next week at the conference “Consensus 2018”. In the event that the project is successful, the company will put the machines into large-scale production, and also start selling other products in them.
The customer, in order to buy beer in the vending machine, must download the Civic application to his smartphone and then scan the QR-code on the machine. The application also requires data on the age of the buyer to make sure that he is of age.

In June last year, the CEO of the startup V. Lingham reported the successful attraction of 33 million US dollars in the framework of pre-sale preparation. Based on blockchain technology, Civic offers users a decentralized way to verify the identity of Internet users.

As V. Lingham said earlier, the world will be safer if people begin to control their identity without relying on centralized databases.

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