Friday, June 2, 2023

Bitcoin Cash will be delisted from BL3P


Bitcoin fork does not meet the requirements of the trading platform, its representatives said. Users will have to withdraw coins to third-party wallets before May 14

The Netherlands exchange BL3P announced the delisting of Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. Representatives of the exchange reported on the official website that they will remove the opportunity to trade this coin on before its hardfork, which is scheduled for May 15.

“On Tuesday, May 15, hardfork is scheduled for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH / Bitcash / Bcash). Since Bitcash was already planned to be removed from the listing, hardfork caused the establishment of a rigid framework for removing BCH from BL3P, “the company said.

Before adding any altcoin, the site conducts a rigorous selection and is guided by various criteria, the representatives of the exchange noted. They added that Bitcoin Cash does not meet these requirements. Exchange clients must withdraw all BCash coins from their accounts to third-party wallets before May 14.

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