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Indonesia: the blockchain will help to vote in elections


the Australian start-up Horizon State launches a blocking application in Indonesia that will allow citizens to vote in elections.

The pilot project will be launched in Sumatra in July, its implementation and testing will continue until December, said one of the founders of the platform Nimo Naamani. According to his words, the platform based on the blockchain will be available to local users via a mobile application. Its goal is to provide “decentralized decision-making and community involvement.”

The founder of the startup hopes that the application will allow to resist fraud in the elections and increase the transparency of the procedure, which will solve local electoral problems.

Naamani said: “Through the platform, we can provide the community with tools that contribute to greater citizen engagement and participation in discussions. With our partners, we can provide voters with additional benefits, such as access to financial services at the micro level – which is not so easy with the existing banking infrastructure”.

According to the co-founder of Horizon State, within the framework of the pilot project, the company will also cooperate with the MCV-CAP cryptocurrency start-up.

If the pilot project in Sumatra proves to be successful, the Horizon State hopes to implement the project throughout Indonesia by 2019. The Government of Indonesia has not officially participated in this process. Naamani said that after testing the application in Sumatra, the company plans to ask the authorities to use the platform in the country.

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