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Australia has allocated $520 000 dollars for blockchain research


“On May 8, 2018, the Australian Government announced the creation of an Australian Space Agency under the budget for 2018-2019 with current funding of 26 million (Australian – ed.) dollars (19.4 million US dollars) over the next four years,” – according to the website of the new agency.

The funds will be allocated from the DTA resources.

“The government will provide $ 0.7 million to the Agency for Digital Transformation to study areas in which the technology of blockchain will be more useful in the sphere of public services.”

“The pace of change that we experience as a nation is exponential, and we can not afford to be a follower in adopting a [new] technology, such as a blockchain,” Adrian Turner, then head of the organization, said after the agency’s comprehensive reports investigating the use of the blockchain as in leadership, and in the industry.

Founded this year as part of the Australian government’s digitization program, the Agency was first created to engage government institutions and assist them in the digital transformation.

Also, the management focused attention on the issue of blockchain in the document relating to the Digital Economy initiative.

In 2014, Australia also allocated 8 million Australian dollars (5.9 million US dollars) in the form of a grant for a blockchain project in the field of public services.

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