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The Abyss is Conducting the World’s First DAICO


The Abyss, the next generation digital distribution game platform, is conducting the world’s first DAICO, a reinforced version of ICO merged with aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The DAICO fundraising model was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, earlier this year as a more responsible way to conduct initial coin offerings. The Abyss DAICO is in full swing since April 18, ending on May 16, 2018.

The Abyss envisions with the integration of blockchain technologies to be able to deliver all types of video games including cryptogames, AAA-titles and free 2 play MMOs. The project seeks to provide a significant number of benefits that regular game distribution platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.) do not offer as of today.

Referral program for gamers and developers

The Abyss utilizes the principle of affiliate marketing: a maximum income is obtained by gamers and developers who are the first to bring in users to the platform. The system is oriented at more effectively inviting and retaining users than any other in the video game industry. The one, who brings the friends in, forms a network of referral payments.

The user is considered a game referral if the game is the player’s first game on the platform, and the player is not a referral to anybody yet. The game developer receives a share from all transactions made by this player and his current and future referrals (5 levels in total) in any other game on the platform.

The player receives a percentage from payments made by all platform’s users whom he brought in through a referral link (up to 5 levels). The players brought in begin to form their own referral chains. If an invited player comes into the platform on his or her own – that is, not by any kind of referral program – that player becomes the founder of his or her referral chain.

Like this, gamers and developers receive a share from all referral payments within their referral network, and consequently, are encouraged to invite more friends to the platform.

1/3 of the platform’s income is distributed to the referral program. Referrer receives 4%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1% from payments made by his 1-5 level referrals.

Motivational programs for gamers

Through these programs, The Abyss offers a group of rewards for individual game achievements, as well as a monetization for the content (reviews, streams, videos, fan art, etc.) a user would generate, and finally, rewarding prices for accomplishing tasks a developer would assign.

Internal CPA Network

Internal CPA Network is the system for managing and exchanging traffic for the developers. Developers can sell useless traffic to other games that can make use of it. By doing this, they can compensate the expenses for its purchase.

Auction of in-game items

Auction of in-game items allows to sell collected in-game items to other gamers and buy items sold by other players. The auction is not bound to games. With the permission of the developer, users can sell any item they wish.

Syndicates (Masternodes)

It is going to be a united game activity, allowing to gain additional joint income.

Payment system

The Abyss will accept payments both in platform-specific ABYSS tokens, configured under the ERC-20 protocol on Ethereum blockchain, and fiat money. Users are offered a discount for game purchases when using ABYSS tokens.

Subsequently, auction, motivational and referral programs, Syndicates and Internal CPA Network rely on ABYSS tokens only.

Adopting the DAICO concept

The Abyss is the world’s first project to test Vitalik Buterin’s “DAICO” concept. By design, DAICO aims at upgrading and making the initial ICO concept more transparent and secure.

It provides more control for the token holders, giving them refunding options in case of disagreement with the project progress, which completely mitigates the possibilities of scam ICOs.

With DAICO, funding is not released in a lump sum, but spread over time; decisions on funds are decided by a voting system; and the team’s motivation to deliver a product is sustained over the project’s lifetime period. And it is through a voting system that the team will be able to raise its monthly budget (the tap) needed for supporting the platform development and other project purposes. More information related to the DAICO smart contract and the voting system can be found at the company’s blog on Medium.


About Destiny.Games

The Abyss digital distribution platform is developed by Destiny.Games video game company (founded in 2008), that has a sufficient expertise in game projects launch and operation. The company has a considerable experience in developing and localizing the MMO games, as well as releasing other developers’ browser and client games, including AAA-class client games. Destiny.Games project portfolio comprises TERA: The Next, Botva Online, Music Wars, Moswar and other game projects.

Find more about The Abyss and the ongoing DAICO at

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