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Funds gathered on ICOs are gradually falling


Despite the achievement in 2018 of record indicators and exceeding the levels of 2017, monthly ICO-gathered funds are gradually falling. According to the graphs of the authoritative analytical resource Tokendata, in January it was collected 1.65 billion, in February – 1.2 billion, in March 717 million and in April 548 million.

It is worth mentioning that this data does not include ICO Telegram, two rounds of which were held in February-March and each attracted 850 million. With them, the February figures will exceed January, and March ones – one and a half billion, and only a few will yield in January.

Nevertheless, there is indeed a certain decrease, and new rounds of TON are not planned. However, it is possible to talk about a global trend only in the context of the general correction of cryptomarket at the beginning of the year, which affected all its components, including young tokens. In addition, the size of the attracted capital is distributed unevenly – one or two high-profile projects can collect more than all other participants for a specific month.

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