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Bitcoin Cash – a scam?


Bitcoin Cash ranked #4 nowadays, can be called a scam. It is even called a scam in few sources. For example,

intentionally misleading newcomers to believe it’s the “real” Bitcoin, for example misusing and the @bitcoin twitter handle.

Actually, it is true. provides no information at the top of the page that this website is dedicated to Bitcoin Cash.

On Reddit, /r/BTC is related to Bitcoin Cash, not Bitcoin itself as it provides in the resources and information section. No links to the actual Bitcoin official website and that’s not right at all.

We understand that this might be just marketing and Bitcoin Cash team tries to promote their coin as the successful update of Bitcoin that should replace it, but this marketing is too aggressive and might give the coin bad reputation of the scam.

Their position is stated in “Featured” section of

The Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is in trouble due to high fees and slow transaction times. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the upgrade that solves these problems.

Money is changing the crypto world

We have already seen disagreement of ASIC industry with ASIC-resistant fork of Monero Lithium Luna. Now we see aggressive marketing and intentional misleading by Bitcoin Cash team.

The more money comes into the crypto world, the more it stops being community-driven and turns into money- and marketing-driven. To keep tolerating bad behavior and suspicious business practices or not – is the choice that all of us will have to do one day.

The choice for the community should be obvious if we remember, that naive experiment to create a better economic model that started cryptocurrency movement was not about making money. It was all about delivering real value through new technology and providing freedom of expression.

To continue this topic, it’s worth reading the article by that exposes heavily problematic crypto projects. The article about shady Bytecoin might be interesting as well.

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