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Bitcoin proved to be a patriarchal cryptocurrency


The vast majority of users who are looking for Google information about bitcoin – 95 percent – were men, writes Fortune.

In addition, according to the magazine, only 4 percent of Ethereum traders are women. “I feel that we (women -““) miss an important market opportunity,” founder of Athena Capital Meltem Demiors said to Fortune.

At the same time, Demiors believes that the gender statistics cited by the magazine is not entirely correct since bitcoin technology implies the anonymity of users. According to the investor, the share of women involved in crypto-currencies reaches 20 percent.

In January, former editor of TechCrunch Alexia Bonastos urged women to look at crypto-currencies, otherwise, she said, “men will again get all the wealth.”

Bitcoin in December 2017 reached a historic maximum in price – almost 20 thousand dollars. In early 2018, its value fell, in February the rate fell below 6 thousand dollars, in March, bitcoin went up to 11.5 thousand dollars, and then rolled back to 6 thousand.

On April 28 the rate was up to 9.3 thousand dollars. At the beginning of the month, interest in the cryptocurrency was exerted by the George Soros Foundation and the Rockefeller-based company Venrock.

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