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Litecoin (LTC) Starts Adoption Campaign: Litecoin Accepted Here


Litecoin (LTC) went through a defeat at the beginning of the rebound phase and after the eight-week-long market dip seemed to be over. The defeat mirrored in the case of having Litecoin losing its long-held place as the fifth-best currency in accordance with global coin ranking list. Ever since EOS has pushed LTC down to the 6th spot in the list, it seems that Litecoin team decided they will go full steam mode, so we were thrilled to find out that Litecoin is starting a pretty interesting campaign for the mass adoption of LTC.

Litecoin and the Mass Adoption Campaign

Litecoin (LTC) started off yesterday’s morning with a pretty interesting tweet, especially when observed from the strategic point of view. In the initial tweet, the LTC posted a question at the beginning, asking: Does your business accept Litecoin?

Further, in the tweet, the team representative invites all LTC users and interested parties in messaging the team for a chance to get included in the project they are working on. There are no other statements included in this tweet that could include more details on the project, however, it is not hard to guess that Litecoin seems to be making a campaign for the mass adoption of LTC. With this campaign, it is expected to see many small and medium businesses turning towards Litecoin as one of the payment options for their products and services.

By getting LTC “out there” and having it accepted by multiple different businesses, Litecoin may see a massive rise again, as a consequence of mass adoption. This case would also increase the trading volume of LTC as well as the market cap, withholding a great potential to get back to its old spot on the global coin ranking list.

Litecoin and Wiki Leaks Shop

Wiki Leaks Shop team has announced yesterday, on April 25th, that their shop will now accept Litecoin as one of the payment methods for the shop.

Given the fact that Wiki Leaks’ founder Julian Assange, is strongly supportive of the idea of decentralization, blockchain-base privacy and hundreds of different applicable causes that call for blockchain technology, it is no wonder that Wiki Leaks Merchandise shop announced via their official Twitter page that their shop is going to accept all cryptocurrencies that are accepted by CoinPaymentsNET, which is a network that supports many currencies, promoting them as a payment method.

Litecoin (LTC) is one of those coins, and that is precisely why Wiki Leaks Merchandise had another announcement only a day later, where they have officially shared the news about having Litecoin accepted as a part of CoinPaymentsNET offering.

Litecoin and Wirex

Wirex has announced recently that Litecoin is now going to be accepted besides from Bitcoin on their wallet app. They have also stated that they have decided to use Litecoin, simply because they have had a chance to determine that Litecoin is faster and more secure than Bitcoin while it also has lower chain fees, which makes it one of the top desirable coins.

In addition to this case, the Wirex team also added that they believe that Litecoin will soon be accepted by massive brands, so they have decided to enlist it as one of their payment methods.

Wirex is actually a wallet app designed to accept all kinds of Visa debit cards, also offering Bitcoin as one of the supported payment methods.  As of the recent events, Wirex users will now be able to use LTC for their payments as well.

Litecoin  and the Market

It seems that the team behind LTC is stepping up the game towards getting their coin globally adopted. However, the most recent change in the market is affecting the majority of currencies to go down with having stubborn decreases in the market.

After the most recent change in the market, LTC went down for over 5% against the dollar, but then, only a couple of hours later, Litecoin (LTC) managed to go up against the dollar, rising by 0.48%, which seems to have been just enough to get it out of the crisis of trading in  the red.

Although LTC was previously trading up against BTC, this is still the case as LTC is rising up for 1.72% against BTC, which means that Litecoin is doing slightly better than Litecoin at the current moment if it is to judge by the current state of the market.

Litecoin can now be purchased at the price of 145.65$ per one unit. Still away from its all-time high of over 333$ per one unit, now ranked as the sixth-best currency on the global coin ranking list, Litecoin (LTC) has a good chance of going up again in case the adoption campaign goes as smoothly as originally planned.


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