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Mailchimp Reportedly Shuts Down Accounts Related To Crypto


MailChimp will shut down all accounts related to digital currencies, Initial coin offerings, news, exchanges, events, and announcements. The news was announced by an Industry expert who is also Bitcoin advocate Andreas m. Antonopoulos who stated that the Marketing Automation Platform was against the digital currencies.

According to Antonopoulos:

“This is the second time I hear of MailChimp shutting down accounts related to digital currencies. They plan to shut down even news adverts and ICO advertising.”

His tweet was followed by many reactions with even some people stating that the shut was real. According to Evan Van Ness:

“MailChimp is closing our Ethereum account in four weeks’ time because they do not like blockchains. Centralized capricious power is the exact reason we need blockchain.”

MailChimp seems to be targeting many big and well-followed accounts. According to the news, they also plan to shut down Cryptocurrency jobs account as well. According to a tweet from Cryptocurrency jobs:

“MailChimp is also closing the Cryptocurrency Jobs account as well.”

One tweeter user clarified that Mailchimp had added a clause to the terms and conditions banning all the material related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. As of now, MailChimp has not made any public statement regarding the claims. Our efforts to reach their management were unsuccessful but were still following up the matter.

The Marketing automation platforms may be following the move by Facebook and Instagram to ban all cryptocurrency ads early this year. Most of the digital platforms issuing threats on digital currencies or even banning then give volatility as their main issue. Others state that the anonymity nature of digital currencies may be a threat.

The news may have affected Bitcoin price negatively which is currently trading at the $7,000 mark. All the other digital currencies also went down with Ethereum trading just below the $400 mark.


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